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MT5 to DxTrade Copier

MT5 to DxTrade Copier, is now available  on Trading Kernel for just $49.99, this gives you access to all future updates for free, along with installation support. Current version: 2.0.0 Try out the free version here => Author: Trading Kernel Developers Platform: MT5, DxTrade Supports all Currency Pairs including suffixes on MT5 Comes with Fail Safe Button The Fastest Copier (at 2 Seconds Order Time Difference) Can Open Multiple Instances View MT5 and DxTrade Account Metrics Simple and Easy Installation
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Profit Lock Systems

Profit Lock Systems,  are  now available on Trading Kernel, for only 25$, Instant and lifetime download. Platform: MT4 Currency Pairs: USD Pairs Trading Time: 1 - 15 Minutes. Trading Sessions: Automatically Set on Setfiles Broker: All ECN Accounts (Only). Does not Open Trades Back testing: Not Allowed Start With Demo $100-$200 Recommended Martingale Assistant, Profit Lock and Aggressive Lock, Included
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